• Be Smart about Reaching Your Fitness Goals

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    Most people have tried to achieve getting some fitness goal at least once in this lives and perhaps failed. Failure very often is the thing that puts us far from trying again , whether it's a fitness related, relationship related or business related failure, people frequently normally avoid what they've got failed straight into avoid future disappointment.

    Staying away from everything you might have failed at some point in your life will not be the best way to go about it, but learning from your mistakes, so you can improve yourself and the results for the next time is an approach you should have.

    There are many reasons why people tend to fail when it comes to achieving their fitness goals, lack of time, social support, boring training program and unrealistic goals are very common reasons why many of us quit quite early in the process. Most of these issues can be fixed or improved with the right approach to the problem.

    • First of all you need to identify what was the cause for your failure the last time you tried to take on fitness. Identifying the core problem that held you back will be a step closer to success in the future. When you have identified the issues you need to start working on fixing them to achieve better results.
    • Lack of time and location is a very popular reasons a lot of people quit exercise. You need to start with looking at you schedule and weekly routine. There are 24 hours in a day, I am very confident you will be able to find at least 30 minutes or an hour in your schedule couple of times a week for a workout. When looking for a gym make sure the location is convenient for you and easy accessible going or coming from work. You can also look into hiring a freelance private trainer to come and train you at home which will decrease your time spent coming from and going to the gym or train at home by yourself.
    • For those who know for a fact they will struggle with keeping up with yet another training program is very important to surrounded yourself with great social support. Your friends and family should be supporting you all the way by giving you reassurance and the confidence in yourself to continue. We all need a bit of a push sometimes to stick with something and your friends and family will be the best people to give you this. You can also start hanging out with like minded people who have gone through the same experiences as you and will help you stay on the path. Small group classes like Bootcamps, HIIT classes, Crossfit and other are a great way to become a part of a fast growing fitness community anywhere in the world, remember you are not alone in your journey!
    • If you are training by yourself or with a trainer you need to make sure that you have set yourself up with realistic goals. Deciding that you want to loose 10kg in a month will count as a highly unrealistic and unhealthy goal to have. Which will either lead to failure and feelings of disappointment or health problems, or maybe even both. The recommended amount for weight loss is around 500gr - 1kg per a week. If you are looking to loose anything more then that you might be setting yourself up for massive failure. Your goals set with your trainer or by yourself should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely. This means you need to be sure of what you want to achieve either it is weight loss, building muscle or just getting stronger, you need to be sure of what you are working towards to, how to achieve it and how long it will take.
    • Boring training programs is another reason why people so often quit and don’t look back. If the feeling of boredom at the private training sessions is starting to creep on you, go out and shop for a new trainer, most likely your current one isn’t interested enough in you as a client and your needs. Training shouldn’t be just about shedding kilograms or building muscle it should also be fun and it is your personal trainers responsibility to create the program so you can enjoy yourself and have fun while training. For those who train by themselves and are stuck in a bit of a routine the internet is an amazing tool. You can start by checking out freeyouwild.com exercise library.
    • Never getting any results. This is what will stop anyone from spending their hard earned money on a gym or a private trainer. If you have been training for months and still are unable to see the slightest change in your body composition or strength levels, something must be wrong. Either your program is very poorly designed and your trainer hasn’t been pushing you hard enough or some changes in your lifestyle need to be made. Loosing weight and getting results is not just about going to the gym few times a week, the hardest work happens outside the gym. Your daily habits influence your progress on daily basis. You need to be smart about your eating habits and you need to move. Instead of riding up the escalator or using the lift use the stairs. Instead of buying a chocolate bar, buy an apple or a banana. So if you are confident your trainer is doing a good job in the gym and you are pushing yourself hard during those few hours a day it might be worth looking at how you are doing outside the gym.
    • Traveling often for work is always hard on your fitness routine. Those of you who travel every couple of weeks, and I know there are more and more people like that every day, don’t threat you can still keep your strength levels up even while away from home. If you have a personal trainer ask them to create a travel workout routine for you. This will consist of only body weight exercises and the routine will be no longer then 10-15 minutes a day. Complete it before breakfast or in the evening and you will be able to keep your strength levels even if you travel for weeks. You can also create your own if you don’t have a trainer who can do this for you: check and example here.

    To wrap it up, all you need to do is be smart about working towards your goals. Make sure you know why you failed before end work towards fixing the issues that didn’t let you reach your desired goals in the past. Almost always the reasons will be only excuses you create or the wrong attitude to the problem. Pretty much everything will have a solution, but only if you want it enough!